Welcome to Joshua Creek Golf

One of Oakville's Finest Golf Ranges and Instructional Facility

Thank you for visiting our web site. Unfortunately due to Covid 19 protocols we are now closed. We will open again when we are permitted to do so.

We look forward to helping you with your golf needs when the season resumes.

If you are in need of any golf gifts for that special someone or even if there is something that you must have, please contact us and we will do our best to help you out. Just let your imagination do the shopping.

Some thoughts would be:

A 2021 season Membership $245.00
A value card of 10 large Baskets $129.00
Re-grip a set of golf clubs(this includes the price of 2 different grips), starting at $34.95 for 8 clubs

We look forward to meeting your golfing needs and we will see you soon!