Welcome to Joshua Creek Golf

One of Oakville's Finest Golf Ranges and Instructional Facility

We are NOW OPEN for the 2017 Golf Season.

Get your golf equipment ready for the 2017 season by taking everything you have out of your bag, clubs, balls, tees, gloves, etc. Next take the things you don’t need in your bag such as the extra 15 balls (donate to the junior golfers), the broken tees, candy bar wrappers, moldy gloves anything you don’t need and throw it in the garbage. Keep the change you find and buy a lottery ticket with it, maybe you will be able to spend the winter in a warmer climate.

Next, clean the clubs using warm water and a finger nail or wire brush to clean the scoring lines on the clubfaces. Use a terry towel and soapy water to clean and dry the grips of the clubs, take note of the condition of the grips, now is the time to get them replaced, the repair shops are slow at this time of the year and usually have specials on. Be sure to clean the bag as well. After this is done put everything back in the bag and store it in a cool dry place, the garage or a damp basement is not good for the grips or the bag materials.

Don’t forget the shoes, you should clean, polish (if necessary and with a good paste wax), and change any spikes that are worn. Store them beside the golf clubs so they are easily found in the spring.

One final thing to do while you have your equipment out is to do an inventory and make up your wish list for Christmas. Some suggestions might be:

A 2017 season Membership $195.00
A value card of 10 large Baskets $95.00
A Custom fitting for a set of PING Golf Clubs $50.00
A 40 Minute golf lesson $65.00
A series of 6,  20 minute Lessons $180.00
Re-grip a set of golf clubs(this includes the price of 2 different grips), starting at $24.95 for 8 clubs

There are plenty of gift ideas available, just let your imagination do the shopping.

We look forward to meeting your golfing needs!